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I am working to improve communications in the Department of Indiana. To do that I will be publishing articles on important information that needs to be disseminated to all members. This is just the first step and hopefully a very important cog in the wheel of communication for the Department.

Winter Conference 2017

Winter Conference
December 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Clarion Hotel (Lexington)

The Winter Conference is coming this weekend and attached is a copy of the Conference Agenda. Notice there have been many last-minute changes therefore please review it carefully.

Special Olympics Bowling: Somehow the bowling times for the Districts was being changed a number of times. I wanted to make sure it was set as it should be so please take note. It seems the last 2 years remained unchanged with Districts 1 and 2 in the morning (9:00am) and Districts 3 and 4 in the afternoon (1:30 pm). To be fair it has to reverse order so Districts 3 and 4 will help out in the morning at 9:00 am and Districts 1 and 2 will take the afternoon shift at 1:30pm.

Banquet: The banquet will be standard for a Winter Conference and the cost will be the same at $25 per plate. The Commander does want to change the dress code from Business Casual to Business Attire, however he still wishes to maintain the Christmas spirit and encourages everyone to wear Christmas-themed clothing.
The catering has been changed because the Clarion chef was not available for the banquet. With the help of Lisa Wilken, we were able to lay on a new caterer Malone’s Catering who will be cooking the meal and turning it over to the hotel staff for serving. After speaking with the caterer, we must have firm reservations by Wednesday Nov 29th at noon so we can pass them on by close of business on Wednesday. Please note that you must get your reservation in by then and there will probably not be tickets available at the conference unless there are reserved members who can’t make the banquet. To make your reservation please call or email Sheila Eversole (386) 898-6239 or sdteversole65@gmail.com.
There will be a door prize of a $25 gift certificate given out during the banquet.
As always there will also be the traditional $10 gift exchange at the banquet. You do not have to participate but those who wish to should bring a gift the same as your gender – all men bring a male gift and women bring a gift for a female member.

Sunday Meetings: The meetings on Sunday will have the dress code strictly enforced so please plan ahead.
The dress code will be:
“No shorts will be worn. Dress pants or jeans (no holes) will be permitted. All shirts will have collars. T-shirts or muscle shirts will not be permitted. No open toe shoes, flip flops, or sandals will be worn.”
The Service Foundation and DEC meetings will be held in order after the general meeting.

If you find errors or omissions on the agenda, please let me know as soon as possible. I will be printing up copies and staging them at the hotel check-in desk sometime Friday afternoon so make sure you pick up a copy and review it for any changes that may have occurred in the interim.


A new edition of the AMVETS News will be coming out soon. The articles and pictures for this next edition will need to be in to me by August 14th. This will include all information from the National Convention.

The edition after must be in by October 3rd. This will include the Fall Conference.

Make sure you mark these dates on your calendar and prepare accordingly.


Moving Wall

The Moving Wall is sponsored by American Legion Post #24 Columbus, IN. You must see this if you haven’t already. It will be worth your while.

Thursday, July 27 wall arrives around 0900 at I-65 and S R 46 west coming into town. A special escorted motorcycle parade will proceed through town then out to Fairgrounds to construct The Moving Wall.

July 27 Opening ceremony at 1800 at Bartholomew County Fairgrounds site. Special music and special remarks by Mayor of Columbus.

Friday, July 28 has beginning ceremony at noon then another ceremony at 1800 at The Moving Wall site area. Special music and remarks by dignitaries of IN Army National Guard.

Saturday, July 29 with noon ceremony and then again at 1800 at The Moving Wall site. Special music and remarks by select retired members of IN Army National Guard.

Sunday, July 30 with noon ceremony and then again at 1800 at The Moving Wall site. Special music and remarks by present & retired member of IN Guard and Reserves.


The Moving Wall site is open 24 hours once erected and in place until teardown on Monday July 31, 2017. For further details or information please contact American legion Commander Al McKown at 812-447-1000.


Today is the IVH Picnic & DEC Meeting in West Lafayette. I will be there and try to report as much as possible with a few pics. I am including an outline of the Executive Director Report for the DEC Meeting:

Executive Director Report

Revlidations – Due June 15th – only 1/3 – a lot not complete
1 day before National Deadline 5 posts unsubmitted
2 posts closing – Post #49 Owensburg and Post #57
Total of 30 posts Department of Indiana

Membership – Finding some problems from last year – If you have any membership
problems contact me and I will work them out with you as soon as

Insurance/IRS Form 990 – I will be on top of this – we have 2 posts at risk for
not getting in 990s – there are still at least 5 posts that
are not up to date with insurance – work with your insurance
company to have the Acord 25s automatically sent out on
renewal to National and Department

Fall Conference – Sept 22, 23, 24 tentatively at Wyndham Hotel near airport
Contracts not yet completed – will get it done this week
then reservations can be made – I will put the information out
online amvetsin.org and amvets-in.org along with emails and monthly

National Convention – Aug 8 – 12th Norfolk Virginia

Communication – Key to successful year – Our website was moved to amvetsin.org last
year so I am putting out info as a blog on amvets-in.org
feel free to leave comments for things you need help with and I will
go to work on them right away
Mailing Lists – Setting up for emails – there is a primary contact email for
every Post except for 2 or 3 (post11@amvets-in.org)
if you would like to be on a mailing list give me your email
– don’t complain that you are not getting info if you don’t
have your email on file
Newsletter – Roger is putting out monthly newsletter via email loaded with


The post revalidation deadline was June 15, 2017. I think about 1/3 of the posts provided their revalidations in that time frame. Today with 1 day left for me to get the revalidation to National there are 5 posts that still have not been submitted.

They are Post 64, 66, 12, 33, and 49. The only post I was able to contact and the revalidation is forthcoming is post 12. The other 4 I have made phone calls and sent emails to no avail. National suspensions may be coming and I’m afraid will be serious.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with these posts, have them contact me as soon as possible.

Lack of Communication

We need to put a bigger focus on Communication. I have been working on revalidations which were due to the Department last month and now with 1 day to go and after scrambling for the last week we still have 5 posts with no revalidation. I have been trying to contact these posts with phone numbers and emails that I have on file and it seems like no one is home or no one is returning my emails.

I’m not sure whether the posts forgot or just don’t care about getting revalidations in but we do this every year and it’s the same old story with last minute phone calls trying to get them in.

On the revalidation there is a specific block for primary/email contact which I will be using constantly however, with no revalidation I cannot find the proper contact info.

Let’s all get together and get the lines of communication flowing. If not, you might find your post in the dark and undergoing punitive action.

If you have anything to say on this matter or would like to offer suggestions on improving communication, feel free to add a comment below.


Membership is another area that needs quite a bit of attention. I would like to ask all of our membership officers to check the National database with their personal records to determine if there are any problems. I know there are because I can see quite a number of DNRs that were sent to the Department with members who were not current for the previous year and so cannot be renewed for the current year unless all previous year’s dues are included.

On some of these DNRs only about 50% of the names were able to be renewed or added as new member which is why you need to check your membership roles and get back to me on any differences you find.

Last week we did catch up on a few members that were incomplete:

Post 5 – Added new members for 2018: Clark, Jonson, Pyle and Schache while renewing Kindler.
Post 6 – You had 61 renewals and 4 new members submitted. However only 54 were renewed with the following reasons: Baker was not in database so he has not been current for at least 2 or 3 years. Must be resubmitted as a new member. There are 3 members listed that are already current and 3 listed who are not current. There are also 4 new members submitted with names only and no other information available.
Post 33 – All 7 members were renewed and Life Conversion Rupel was sent on to National for his membership.
Post 84 – Renewed Life Conversion member Leirer
Post 509 – Renewed Life Conversion members Kaiser and Fitszimmons.

A copy of the current Membership Report can be found on the Department’s website at amvetsin.org


The past Executive Director gave everyone a deadline of June 12th to have their revalidations into the Department. At this time I have 19 posts who have submitted revalidations. Some of them are not complete and I will be going through them and listing the problems here. One post submitted 2 pages on an old form and nothing else. That, of course, is no submission at all and will need to be resubmitted.

We have a total of 32 posts so doing the math there are 13 posts who have not made a submission. I will be including all of those posts here in a day or two after I have reviewed the ones I have and submitted them to National.


Well, here we go! I will be updating this site a minimum of once a week with specific information to the posts/districts. Keep checking back to find out how your post is progressing.

I am currently working on revalidations and membership. By checking the menu items for revalidations and membership you will find the information you are looking for.

Don’t forget the Fall Conference is coming up on September 22, 23 & 24. We will be staying at the Wyndham Hotel near the airport – I will be checking with them to make sure they are ready to make reservations. You will find the information here first.