Membership is another area that needs quite a bit of attention. I would like to ask all of our membership officers to check the National database with their personal records to determine if there are any problems. I know there are because I can see quite a number of DNRs that were sent to the Department with members who were not current for the previous year and so cannot be renewed for the current year unless all previous year’s dues are included.

On some of these DNRs only about 50% of the names were able to be renewed or added as new member which is why you need to check your membership roles and get back to me on any differences you find.

Last week we did catch up on a few members that were incomplete:

Post 5 – Added new members for 2018: Clark, Jonson, Pyle and Schache while renewing Kindler.
Post 6 – You had 61 renewals and 4 new members submitted. However only 54 were renewed with the following reasons: Baker was not in database so he has not been current for at least 2 or 3 years. Must be resubmitted as a new member. There are 3 members listed that are already current and 3 listed who are not current. There are also 4 new members submitted with names only and no other information available.
Post 33 – All 7 members were renewed and Life Conversion Rupel was sent on to National for his membership.
Post 84 – Renewed Life Conversion member Leirer
Post 509 – Renewed Life Conversion members Kaiser and Fitszimmons.

A copy of the current Membership Report can be found on the Department’s website at

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