Lack of Communication

We need to put a bigger focus on Communication. I have been working on revalidations which were due to the Department last month and now with 1 day to go and after scrambling for the last week we still have 5 posts with no revalidation. I have been trying to contact these posts with phone numbers and emails that I have on file and it seems like no one is home or no one is returning my emails.

I’m not sure whether the posts forgot or just don’t care about getting revalidations in but we do this every year and it’s the same old story with last minute phone calls trying to get them in.

On the revalidation there is a specific block for primary/email contact which I will be using constantly however, with no revalidation I cannot find the proper contact info.

Let’s all get together and get the lines of communication flowing. If not, you might find your post in the dark and undergoing punitive action.

If you have anything to say on this matter or would like to offer suggestions on improving communication, feel free to add a comment below.

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